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Tri-Annaul Events 

198 Dec. 5-6

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Elaine Eberly and Tyler Reygers Snap off 198 Tri-Annual Event 

Elaine Eberly from the Golden Fleece in Seattle WA takes the title in the 198 Intermediate division and Tyler Reygers from Cue-Topia Billiards in Lakewood WA  wins the Open division.

Eberly starts out the first round, which is the best of two matches with a personal best of 56 points which put her in the top seat coming out of the first found.  Peter Bowen from Golden Fleece coming in in 2nd place, Ken Smith and Dave Parker from Cue-Topia Billiards in 3rd and 4th.

The Sudden death round which is only one match of 11 games sends the top 1/3 of the field to the finals.  Eberly topped her personal best from round 1 with another personal best of 61 points.  61 points brought her in at 22.35 point over her average to  maintain the 1st place position over second place holder Dave Parker who shot a 34 which was .14 under his average, but it was good enough to lock down the 2nd place position.  Eberly and Parker advanced to the finals.

The finals is the best of two matches.  Eberly continues to shoot solid and bringin in the top score of 45, 7.65 over her average, with Parker shooting 35, 0.86 points over his average for final scores of Eberly 134.96 and Parker 129.01.  Great shooting Elaine.

The 198 Open division went down like this. Dave Bersenadze shot a great score of 92 points, but put him at 6.65 below his average, but it was enough to advance him to the Sudden Death round. 3rd position went to Wayne Leslie shooting just 2.35 over his average and a final score with his handicap of  132.49,  14 year old Tyler Reygers shot 15.5 points over his average which brought him a final score of  144.89 and Tom Snider snagged 1st place position shooting a 66, 24.95 over his average and a final score of 153.80.  From here players go to the Sudden Death round.

The shake out ended up like this. Dave Bersenadze from the Golden Fleece shot a solid 98 points and a final score of 133.92, but was over taken by Snider who shot a 51 and a final score of 138.8 squeezing Bersenadze out of the finals by just 4.88 points.  Reygers from Cue-Topia Billiards ended up on the top of the stack shooting 60 points, 18.95 over his average and a final score of 142.89.  This left Snider and Reygers in the finals.

The finals were exciting.  Reygers finished his match first and was watching and waiting as Snider played his final match.  Reygers played just over his average by 8.5.  This gave Reygers some hope of grabbing 1st, but all he could do is sit and watch as Snider played it out. It came down to the last game and the heat was on.  Snider had to break and run his last rack to grab the 1st place seat. Reygers watched from the side line, calculating with every ball sank. Unfortunately, Snider came up just 2 balls shy of snagging that final rack. Game over. Snider played solid coming in at 5.95 over his average, but falling short by just 3.09 points for the title.  This is Reygers 3rd win in the 198 Tri-Annual events.  Locking up 2 wins in the Intermediate division before advancing to the Open division.  Great shooting Tyler and congratulations.  

If you want to learn more about Behind the Rock Tour click here.  If you want to know how to play this out of your local pool room

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2nd 2015 Tri-Annual Results

Aug. 15-16 and again on Aug. 22-23 Behind the Rock (BTRT) held their 2nd Tri-Annual event of the year.  The Tri-Annual events consist of 198 (9 ball vs the Ghost on 7’ and 8’ tables) division held on Aug 16-17 and the 220 (10 ball vs. the Ghost on 9 foot tables) held on Aug. 22-23.  Both events ran two divisions, intermediate and open.  All players have a handicap that is established on their average of their latest 20 matches.  This is a true 90% handicap that is similar to that used in golf and bowling.  So how did the players stack up?

12 year old Tyler Reygers steals the spotlight and his 2nd consecutive 198 Intermediate division win.  This is how it went down.


Round 1: players play 2 matches, all the participating rooms (which can be any pool room, bar, tavern, bowling alley, club, etc.) uploaded all the players matches to the website.  Once all the players have completed two matches, regardless of where their pool room is located, we calculate the round.  The cream of the crop rose to the top with Elaine Eberly in the top seat over Dette Day in 2nd position by 14.94 points.  Dette Day beat out Francie Johnson for 2nd position by 5.30 points.  Francie Johnson landed in 3rd seat by just 1.45 points nudging Tyler Reygers  into 4th position.  From here these players moved to the Sudden Death round which is just one match consisting of 11 games.

The Sudden Death  round landed Francie Johnson on top with Reygers right behind her by 5.46 points.  Only the top two players of this round move to the finals so the pressure was on this match.  Players gathered around the website to see how they finished up.  Some with disappointment while others with a sigh of relief.  Now the finals.

The finals consist of two matches of 11 games for each player.  Francie played out of the Golden Fleece in North Seattle and Tyler Reygers played our of Cue-Topia Billiards in Tacoma WA.  Two locations, two players, but there can only be one winner.  Johnson shot just under average in the final match, but Regyers brought his personal best score to the final match.  Reygers shooting an 67 added to his average gave him a final score of 152.19 and  blew Johnson out of the water by 24.55 points.  Congratulations Tyler.

Tyler Reygers Pool Player 198      Fran Johnson 198 pool player

     Tyler Reygers                    Fran Johnson
Cue-Topia Billiards                Golden Fleece
   Lakewood, WA                    Seattle, WA

198 Open Division

Out of the gate for the first round matches came starting with 1st position:  Micheal Poole - Golden Fleece shooting a solid 86 points combined with his handicap a total of 159.26 points.  Wayne Leslie shooting 59 scratch score bringing him to 141.12 aggregate score.  Deby Welfringer comes in just a few points over her average with a 87 for a total aggregate score of 140.73.  Larry Francisco shooting an 85 sitting him in 4th position followed up by Pat Pilgrim and Jonathan Anderson for the 6 spots in the Sudden Death round.

The Sudden Death round is just one match. Only two players advance to the finals and it was as tight as we've ever seen.  It came down to Jonathan Anderson, Wayne Leslie and Pat Pilgrim fighting for the two spots.  Anderson and Leslie completed their final games coming in with Leslie shooting a     and a final score of      and Anderson with a   final score of     .  With Anderson sitting in 2nd position all he could do is sit and watch Pilgrim as he finished if final game.  As Pilgrim played Anderson anxiously calculated what end result Pilgrim would need for his final game.  The only way for Pilgrim to take the 2nd seat from Anderson was to break and run his last two games  Anderson feeling pretty confident that the odds were in his favor that Pilgrim had a challenge that was in Anderson's favor.  Going in to the 11th game Pilgrim still needed 16 points to beat Anderson which means the only want to grab that spot was to break and run his 11th game to earn a 12th game to finish scoring the 11th game.  Pilgrim will need 7 points in his final rack to lock in a spot in the finals.  Pilgrim had never broke and run two consecutive games in any of his matches before so the heat was on.  

Pilgrim breaks, makes 1 ball on the break, takes ball in hand and runs out.  Now Pilgrim needs 7 points to ensure himself a spot.  Pilgrim not only earn 7 points but went on to run out his second rack.  Breaking and running two consecutive racks for Pilgrim was a personal achievement and was rewarded by squeezing Anderson out of the finals by just 1.32 points.  Anderson could only stand and watch as it goes down.

As Leslie watches the exciting match between Pilgrim and Anderson he is ready to put the nail in the coffin. For the finals, Leslie comes out firing and not letting up to shoot his personal best bringing in a score of 89 points and an aggregate score of 171.12.  Pilgrim runs out of stream shooting a 45, 2 points under his average for a final score of 127.44.


Pat Pilgrim and Wayne Leslie
       Cue-Topia Billiards
          Lakewood, WA

220 Open Division

Now for the 220 Event.  Same format and handicapping as the 198 division, but played on the 9 foot tables.  We had three rooms participating from Performance Bar and Grill in Renton, Paddy’s Sports Bar in Grill in Couer d ‘Alene ID and Cue-Topia billiards in Lakewood WA.  Round 1, again is two matches consisting of 11 games.  Coming out on top was Pete Gonzales shooting 33.1 points over his average and to follow was Bob Johnston with 19.4 points over his average both from Performance Bar and Grill. Third position went to Steve Abraham with Deby Welfringer and Tyler Reygers hanging onto the 4th and 5th spot.  Bill Swan and Tom Snider grab the last two spots to qualify for the Sudden Death round. 

Then comes the Sudden Death round is just one match.Snider so no time for mistakes.  Welfringer and Reygers struggle in this round, come up short and get sent packing. Bob Johnston comes in at 1.14 over his average, but it’s not enough to take him to the finals as Steve Abraham from Cue-Topia Billiards nudged him out by .74 of a point for a seat in the finals.  This left Pete Gonzales who is shooting solid and ends up in the 1st position seat shooting a 73 at 36.1 over his average.  Bill Swan swoops in and takes the 2nd seat with a 68, 29.82 over his average.

The finals are the best of two matches.  Gonzales and Swan, who had been shooting over their averages in the first two rounds lost a gear while Abraham ran over the tournament shooting his personal best of a 107 points (46.9 over his average) and taking the title and the cash home.  Congratulations Steve and to all the players who participated. 


        Steve Abraham                 Pete Gonzales                 Bill Swan
    Cue-Topia Billiards           Performance Bar           Performance Bar
     Lakewood, WA                   Renton, WA                   Renton, WA

BTRT is opening a youth division.  If you know a player 18 and under that would be interested in participating contact us.  If you have an interest in getting your favorite place (any public venue: pool hall, bar, tavern, bowling alley, Elks club etc.) to play this format, all you need to do is go to the website, and then contact us at 253-226-3594.  We’ll help you get the ball rolling.

If you live in the Phoenix AZ area we have 3 rooms looking for players to play.

Kobly’s ask for Brian Phone: (480) 829-7344, 1301 E University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281
Main Street Billiards ask for Thor  Phone:(480) 969-7898  Address: 1749 W Main St #11, Mesa, AZ 85201
Bull Shooters ask for Roger Phone: (602) 441–2447 Address: 3337 W Peoria Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029,               
            35th Ave and Peoria, South East Corner next to Laser Quest

The next tri-annual event is in December 2015.  Players need 8 matches to qualify in their division.

To see the event results got to the Events Results page.  Any aqua colored txt is a link.  If you'd like to know more about a player or a location just click on their name on any page.

Behind The Rock Tour - Newsletter

Martinez & Pinkston Make Pool History

Oct. 30th 11:00am pst / 2:00 est

Watch it here:   Remote Live Stream Competition


Who says pool isn't exciting to watch?


These two players matched up remotely live streaming with David Pinkston live at Gallery Billiards in NY and Rafael Martinez at Cue-Topia Billiards, Lakewood, WA. 

Each room had a big screen streaming the other player. Spectators watched the local player live and the remote player live streaming via the big screen. We recommend using a Tite n' Rite rack for this format, but it optional for the players.

The match began with Martinez winning the flip of the coin and chose to shoot second putting the heat on Pinkston to set the pace of the match.  Pinkston broke and ran 5 while Martinez fired back with a Cut game (not pocketing a ball on the break and running out) .  Game 2 Pinkston comes back strong with a snap game (making a ball on the break and running out) and Martinez shoots a Cut game.  Game 3 Pinkston shot a Snap game with Martinez following it up with a Snap game.  Game 4 things started changing up a bit when Pinkson lost a wheel off his wagon and had three open games and put Martinez at 87 to Pinkston 56 in game 6.  

Pinkston didn't lay down for this and the tide started to turn in game 7.  From game 8 to the end of the match was more pure great pool. To get more details on the match, the scoring and the final score you'll have to watch the video.

This format is the structure of  Behind the Rock Tour.  In regular play a new tournament starts every Sunday, runs all week long while all the rooms play their matches.  At midnight every Saturday each location uploads their player's matches to the website for the week. 

The tournament closes at midnight and the results are calculated every Sunday.  Handicaps and divisions are recalculated and checks are sent to the players.   

If you've never seen BTRT 220 played join in and learn more.  If you like what you see. you can bring BTR Tour to your favorite place to play for weekly competition with different divisions for different skill levels and the fairest handicapping system in place for pool.  Pays 1/3 of the field weekly.  Here's a link to the overview of the tour click here.

BTRT is a weekly tournament that pays the players weekly.  We have different divisions for different skill levels and the fairest handicapping system in place for pool.  Pays 1/3 of the field weekly.  
For more information about bringing BTRT to you pool room you can use the contact page or call 253-226-3594.

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