Behind The Rock Tour - Virtual Tournament

Presenting Behind the Rock

Behind the Rock (BTR) is a weekly national, international or world tournament played remotely from any location, any state or registered country including: pool rooms, bars, taverns, bowling alleys, clubs or even your home.  Behind the Rock (BTR) offers games against the Ghost with scoring twists to make it fun and exciting. Players have no opponent. It’s just you and the table. Some games are geared for the 7 foot and 8 foot tables while other games will be offered on the 9 foot or even 10 foot tables.

Kiosk Stations- Players will compete using either one of our Kiosk stations placed in public locations or they can use a streaming device they choose for example:  webcam, cell phone, laptop, Pc (personal computer), tablet, iPad or any electric devices that is capable of accessing the internet and live streaming. 

With the relaunch of the new website will be offering more games, divisions and formats. 

                8 divisions each game.

                Intermediate Scratch (for new players without a handicap)


                Open Scratch (for new players without a handicap)


                Advanced Scratch (for new players without a handicap)




8 different games.

                220 (10 ball vs the Ghost 9 foot tables)

198 (9 ball vs the Ghost 7 ft. and 8 ft. tables)

176 (8 ball vs the Ghost 7 ft. and 8 ft. tables)

150 (14.1 or Straight Pool vs the Ghost on 9 ft. tables)

Breaking Banks (9 ball banks vs the Ghost on 9 ft. and/or 7 & 8 ft. tables)

One Pock (One Pocket vs the Ghost on 9 ft. tables)

Billiards (3 cushion billiards vs the Ghost played on 5x10 tables)

Snooker (Snooker vs the Ghost)



Scotch Doubles (same location, same match, players rotate shots playing the Ghost)

Partners (same or remote locations, each player players their own match playing the Ghost)

3 player, 4 player and 5 player teams (can be made up of same location or remote locations from east coast to west coast.  Player play their own matches. Handicaps and scores are added for final scores).

Pro-Am Team Events

Pro-Am Challenge Events

All games are playing the Ghost:  Break, take ball-in-hand (BIH), run balls till u miss, foul or run-out.

All players will register for their own channel for live streaming.  All matches are live stream verified.  Players may use one of our Kiosk stations or use any device they prefer.

Players will register for the event, score their match using the digital SkorBord on their cell phone, Ipad, tablet or whatever device they chose, save their livestream and save their scored match.  Done!  It’s that simple to enter and play in a weekly national, international or world tournament.

Each week a new tournament starts on Monday and runs all week long until Sunday night at midnight.

Sunday night at midnight the tournament closes and the tournaments are calculated, the results are posted on the website and the player’s get paid every Monday. 


The games are typically scored 1 point per ball legally pocketed according the game rules (some games and points differ).  For most games, players will play 11 games for a match with the exception of 110 (14.1) which will be 11 games or 110 points whichever comes first.



The four divisions of each game that are handicapped: Intermediate, Open, Advanced and semi-pro.  We also have a pro division that plays scratch with no handicap.  When a new player starts they will participate in the scratch division for 6 matches to establish an average against other players (for prize money) that are also trying to establish their averages.  Once a player has 6 matches they will get a handicap that goes out to one one/hundredth of a point.  The handicap levels the playing field and so it may not be best player that wins an event, or it might be, but the player that brings their “A” game for their skill level for that event.  If you don’t want to play handicapped then you can jump in and play in the Professional division which will be scratch with equipment criteria.


Players pay an annual membership dues of $35/year depending on their division.  Membership dues and entry fees vary by division, by event and are paid by debit or credit card through the website using their cell phone, tablet, ipad, Kiosk station or the device of your choosing.  Regular Weekly Entry Fees for most events are:  $10 for Intermediate, Open and Advanced.  $20 Semi-pro.  $50 Professional.

Pro-Am Teams              


Each country will have their own Team Captains.  Each team will have their own Team webpage that only their team has access to.  The Captain of each team will mentor the players on their team with the chat room, drills or whatever tools they choose.  The Team Captains are there for their team to mentor their players for success.  Throughout the year we will have Pro-Am events where there will be no divisions, but handicaps will be used.  These events will be exciting with larger purses for all.  There will be a minimum matches that the player will have to have played to participate.  We will have other surprise events with the Pros as well.

BTR offers a referral program so if you know a lot of players you might want to check that out to earn a little extra cash.  Make enough money to play for free.  How about that!


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