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Martinez & Pinkston Make Pool History

Oct. 30th 11:00am pst / 2:00 est

Watch it here:   Remote Live Stream Competition


Who says pool isn't exciting to watch?


These two players matched up remotely live streaming with David Pinkston live at Gallery Billiards in NY and Rafael Martinez at Cue-Topia Billiards, Lakewood, WA. 

Each room had a big screen streaming the other player. Spectators watched the local player live and the remote player live streaming via the big screen. We recommend using a Tite n' Rite rack for this format, but it optional for the players.

The match began with Martinez winning the flip of the coin and chose to shoot second putting the heat on Pinkston to set the pace of the match.  Pinkston broke and ran 5 while Martinez fired back with a Cut game (not pocketing a ball on the break and running out) .  Game 2 Pinkston comes back strong with a snap game (making a ball on the break and running out) and Martinez shoots a Cut game.  Game 3 Pinkston shot a Snap game with Martinez following it up with a Snap game.  Game 4 things started changing up a bit when Pinkson lost a wheel off his wagon and had three open games and put Martinez at 87 to Pinkston 56 in game 6.  

Pinkston didn't lay down for this and the tide started to turn in game 7.  From game 8 to the end of the match was more pure great pool. To get more details on the match, the scoring and the final score you'll have to watch the video.

This format is the structure of  Behind the Rock Tour.  In regular play a new tournament starts every Sunday, runs all week long while all the rooms play their matches.  At midnight every Saturday each location uploads their player's matches to the website for the week. 

The tournament closes at midnight and the results are calculated every Sunday.  Handicaps and divisions are recalculated and checks are sent to the players.   

If you've never seen BTRT 220 played join in and learn more.  If you like what you see. you can bring BTR Tour to your favorite place to play for weekly competition with different divisions for different skill levels and the fairest handicapping system in place for pool.  Pays 1/3 of the field weekly.  Here's a link to the overview of the tour click here.

BTRT is a weekly tournament that pays the players weekly.  We have different divisions for different skill levels and the fairest handicapping system in place for pool.  Pays 1/3 of the field weekly.  
For more information about bringing BTRT to you pool room you can use the contact page or call 253-226-3594.

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